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Sygnatury: 741.5(4)-051
Skladová signatúra: II/10
Drawing Europe Together. Forty-five illustrators, one Europe
Published: London : Pan Macmillan, 2018
Pages: 96 nečíslovaných strán
Język: angličtina
ISBN: 9781529010879 (viazané)
Anotacja: Are we still 'United in Diversity'? Forty-five artists from across Europe share their powerful illustrations of the European Union's shared past and our unsure future. From Brexit bees to wall-jumping bulls, Drawing Europe Together is a unique collection portraying the European community ... with or without Britain. This is a passionate and heartfelt exploration of Europe and what it means to many of the people who live and work within its borders.The book brings together forty-five renowned illustrators who, through their drawings and accompanying words, share their vision of Europe in this beautiful and timely collection, with a foreword by the British Book Awards Illustrator of the Year 2018, Axel Scheffler. Inspired by the Drawing (for) Europe exhibition which took place at the Institut Francais in London in 2018, Drawing Europe Together showcases the original artwork from the exhibition as well as never-before-seen illustrations from additional leading artists.
MDT: 741.5(4)-051:821.111(415)-93
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